Career counselling is a serious task, and cannot be left to non-professionals. There is a great shortage of professional career counselors, and the ones who are respectable charge incredibly high. In today’s busy age, students don’t have the time to book inconveniently timed appointments with counselors and then schedule to physically appear before a counselor. The conventional process is neither cost nor time efficient.

The admission process of international universities can prove to be cumbersome for students. Students aren’t able to handle the admission application in a scholarship-worthy manner, which leaves a bad first impact on the admission officer. Many students are not even aware of the opportunities that they can avail.

  •  Professional Skill Index report is best tool to showcase during interview.
  •  High Professional Skill Index, suggests more likely to be successful in chosen job.
  •  Low Professional Skill Index is reflection of poor life skills like communication skills, Team Work etc.
  • Get personalized report, & know your skill parameter.
  • Meticulously designed by panel of psychologists.


Our team offers a comprehensive review of admission applications. Our counselors have the skill-set to handle both professionals, Master level admission applications and Bachelor level Common Application. College application, admission essay, resume and covering letter, and answers to short and supplementary questions are reviewed and edited by the counselor of your choice.

If a student or professional wants to hire an online counselor on hourly basis to get an idea of online counselling services.