The SALES and MARKETING Training provides a comprehensive process-oriented (practical tool kit) framework for the planning and execution of activities associated with all facets of Sales and Marketing and digital marketing.

This training will help explore new sales and marketing techniques, and will provide participants with more tools and ideas to maximize individual and team sales. This will include practical tips, tools and digital / social marketing strategies to create / maximize profits.

At the end of the training, the participants will be able to successfully implement “How To Do It” component of the sales and marketing and working model to expand customer-base and attain sales leads faster and at higher margins.

Learning Outcomes:

The Market, Marketing and Sales↗ Setting Goals, Objectives and Targets

·         to reduce cost of operation

·         to increase revenue growth

·         to improve quality and internal processes

·         to learn and grow

↗ Boosting Sales

↗ New Ideas and Marketing Strategies.

↗ Digital Marketing (a brief overview)·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·         SEM and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

·         Social Media Marketing

·         Content Marketing

·         Affiliate Marketing

·         Influencer Marketing

·         Email Marketing

·         Viral Marketing

·         Mobile Phone Advertising

Learning Agenda:

  • Learn new tools to increase knowledge of markets in the context   of sales.
  • Improve and augment sales team alignment and collaboration for   increased output.
  • Comprehend your role in a fully integrated, strategic sales process.
  • Explore holistic sales and marketing planning and execution process.

Who Should Attend?

  • Emerging & Existing Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs / Business Unit Heads
  • Team Leaders
  • Smll Business Owners
  • Sales aand Marketing Directors
  • Product and Brand Managers
  • Leaders at National or Zonal Level

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Naseer Akhtar

He has over 20-years of industry experience and worked in organizations like Coopers & Lybrand, NCR (CDC), Landmark Resources (Halliburton Company), Credence Group, along with experience of performing consulting assignments for many multinationals / local organizations including HCM projects of fourth largest employer company (over 1.4 million employees), NHS, UK. He has conducted and led various training programs and consultancy services for  FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Financial sector, Telecommunication, Education, Services, Energy, Mechanical, Poultry, Petroleum, Software, Auto Mobiles, Public Sector Organizations, Chambers of commerce etc.

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